Storage Solutions for Automotive Electronics

With the automotive industry's intelligent and network connectivity becoming an important trend for future development, technologies such as autonomous driving, intelligent connectivity, and Telematics are becoming more and more mature, and the popularization of these technologies will change the ecology of the automotive industry and bring consumers a more convenient and intelligent travel experience, as well as put forward new requirements for the capacity, performance, and usability of storage devices.

Taking into full consideration of the rapid growth in demand for future automotive system usage, VMING selects components and materials with high shock-resistant performance, carries high-capacity NAND flash chips or modules, and ensures that the storage devices have excellent shock-resistant performance as well as sufficient storage capacity during assembly and usage by optimizing the structural design and adopting precise assembly processes. Meanwhile, advanced intelligent power management technologies, such as dynamic voltage adjustment and dynamic frequency adjustment, are introduced to adjust the power consumption of the storage products in a practical demand-oriented manner, realizing a perfect balance between performance and power consumption.

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